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Welcome to Sting Lacrosse!



LI Sting National :

NXT-Philly Invitational 2021 Champs!!

Want to try out for THE STING?

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( Covers 2022 Summer and Fall)

 2022 Registration link directly below

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Summer 2022 Registration & Schedule

LI Sting National

 Registration Links

*** All Registration Links below ***

Summer 2022 Registration & Schedule

Summer 2022 Registration & Schedule

#2) Inside Lacrosse Session #1



Summer 2022 Registration & Schedule

#3) NXT Philly Summer Invitational:



Summer 2022 Registration & Schedule

#4) Inside Lacrosse Session #2



Summer 2022 Registration & Schedule

#5) UNC Team Challenge

  • Dates = July 22nd- 25th 
  • Location=  UNC Campus ( Chaple Hill, NC)
  • Price = $400



Sting Lacrosse 

Former National Players & Recruits

to our SIX former STING players ,
who were on the

Owen Jones, Will Sullivan, Ted Forst, 

Jack Mattei, Sam Selatti, Griffin Thomas.

We are proud of you all!!!


 Yale commit  


 Lehigh commit

Trey Akabanee

 Utah commit

Mathew Ezell
 Washington & Lee commit


Bucknell commit



 Tufts commit   



                     NICK LIPSHER

        Washington & Lee commit  


              PARTICK NOONAN

                Denver commit

                   KYLE LEE

            Colorado College commit


                   Marist commit




 Quinnipiac commit


 Quinnipiac commit


       UTAH commit

Recent Verbal Commitments

Carson Kuhl-Yale

Will Lyman-Lehigh

Ryan Sullivan- U.Penn

Trey Akabanee- Utah

Matthew Ezell - Washington & Lee

Ethan Gatto-Amherst

Nick Stiles-M.I.T.

Patrick Timmons-M.I.T.

Harry Friedman-BU

Ryan Cornelius-Colby

Kyle Lee-Colrado College

Mac McClean-Bucknell

Jason Kroslowitz- Air Force Academy

Ben Reilly-Cornell

Luke Simpson-Middlebury

Max May-Muhlenberg

Gavin Adler-Cornell

Spencer Graham-Brown

Alex Vadaro-Princeton

Riley Larsen-Wesleyan

Liam Muldoon-Utah

Jack Muldoon-Utah

Mike Donaghy-Lehigh

Chad Kittaka Lehigh

Will Bock-Williams

Matt Kilkeary-U. Delaware

George Moschos-Dickinson-

Johnathan Endicott-Amherst

Devin  Burdo- Bowdoin-FOOTBALL

Tyler Sandoval-Princeton

Greg Gatto-Yale

Brendan Forst-Harvard

Griffin Thomas -Yale

Jesse Cuccia-UNC

Aaronn Kager-Delaware

Logan Geller-Wesleyan

Nick McCall-W&L

Jack Mattei Yale

Sam Selati-Yale

James Sullivan-Dartmouth

Seth Thornton-Syracuse

Gabe Smithline-Lafayette

Jake Rothman-Ct.College

Nick Adams-Utah

Jake Nutter-Utah

R.J. Sarka-Bates

Brandon Carne-W&L

Adam Close-Lafayette

Lewis Langford-Colgate

Luke Dennen-USNA

Mike Weaver-W&L

Chris Vogel-W&L

     Ted Forst-Yale

 Jacob Walthour-Syracuse

Connor O'brien-Cornell

Will Sullivan-Yale

Chris Stach-Lafayette

Blake Tyndal-UNC

Teddy Transou-Duke

Jake Shriner-Loyola

Mat Degenaro-W&L

        Andrew Eichelberger- Lehigh

Charlie Trense-Notre Dame

Curtis Alexander-Michigan

Stephen Tortora- Delaware

Jack O'Connell-Dickinson

Jack Grossman-Boston University

James Sullivan-Furman

Dylan Moser-Wesleyan

Chase Midgely-Middlebury

Connor Muldoon-Boston University

Mike McCormick-Middlebury

Ben Medrano-Furman

 John Neil-Wesleyan

Emilio Sosa-Kenyon

   Chris Roussos-Colorado College

Harison Raine-Colorado College

Sam Mishkind-Babson

Luke Langford-W&L

Alex Ives-St.Joseph's

Will Gabriel-Hamilton

Drew Adams-Vasssar

Jack Zukowski-Mt. St. Mary's

Anders Ashforth-W&L

Kyle Korwan-Furman

Cooper Lee-Colorado College

Jack Schleicher-Furman

Brandon Bank-Furman

John Daniels-Bellarmine

Brian Davis-Delaware

Reed Randolph-Furman

Bryon Connell-Ct College

HP Wackerman-Ct Colege

Kaelin Curtn-ASU

Jack Newall-Furman

M. Belden-Washington College

Brady LaBar-Siena

Mat Mahoney-Furman

Chris McKee-Trinity

Kaveh Torabian-B.U.

John Natoli-Lafayette

Sam Ashforth- St . Lawrence 


Want to try out for STING?  

We are a NATIONAL team and have players on our roster from all over the country.

Please send us your video to be considered.


Submit your video:


Sting Success Over the Years !!!!!!!!!!!!

Air Force M. Webber
Air Force S. Millner
Amherst P. Moroney
Amherst S. Levy
Amherst Z. Zetlin
Amherst T. McDonnell
Amherst E. Grein
Amherst P. Holcomb
Amherst B. Miller
Amherst M. Himmler
Amherst M. Kellman
Amherst L. O'Brien
Amherst M. Pietroforte
Amherst D. Cherney
Amherst Z.Schwartz
Babson S. Finnegan
Bates D. Cappellini
Bates C. Geible
Bates G. Guinta
Bates R. Cosgrove
Bates M. Mcreddie
Bates M. Lee
Binghamton M. Collins
Brown N. Lasiter
Brown J. Hall
Brown D. Lavalle
Brown B. Warble
Brown M. Cohen
Bucknell A. Gordon
Bucknell N. Gantsoudes
Bucknell J. Kearney
Bucknell A. Ryan
Bucknell T. Flibotte
Bucknell D. Buckley
Colby J. Waters
Colby T. Will
Colby C. McLaverty
Colgate C. Seter
Colgate B. McDonough
Colgate B. McGowan
Colgate R.Walsh
Colgate B. McCabe
Colorado College S. MacArthur
Colorado College T. Paul
Cornell C. McCormick
Cornell C. Finn
Cornell J. Glynn
Cornell M. Sullivan
Cornell M. Conners
CT College B. Barton
CT College S. Sousa
Dartmouth D. Lentz
Dartmouth C. Lee
Dartmouth A. Boardman
Dartmouth A. Sussman
Delaware K. Lucas
Delaware J. Terillion
Delaware J.Lamonta
Denison B. Moriarty
Dickinson S. Licatta
Dickinson A. Newhouse
Dominican B. Thompson
Drexel M. Clarke
Drexel C.Franklin
Drexel C. Barr
Duke M. Young
Duke K. Dowd
Duke Z. Howell
Duke C. Finnerty
Duke M. Ward
Duke T. Transou
Fairfield M. Sawyer
Fairfield F. Borgognone
Fairfield M. Esposito
Fairfield B. Browne
Florida State P. Soukup
Franklin and Marshall M. Goldberg
Franklin and Marshall T. Miller
Georgetown K. Lopez
Georgetown D. D'Agnes
Georgetown S. Kocis
Georgetown C. Dowd
Georgetown C. Molinari
Georgetown M. Winters
Gettysburg T. McGrath
Gettysburg J. Madalone
Hamilton L. Albert
Hamilton M. Shriver
Hamilton C. Razook
Hamilton K. Behr
Hamilton A. Lee
Harvard J. Rose
Harvard P. Procida
Harvard M. Motschwiller
Harvard J. Brugal
Harvard D. DiMaria
Harvard S. Gantsoudes
Harvard T. Burr
Harvard C. O'Brien
Harvard E. Posner
Harvard D. Gibbons
Harvard R. Mole
Haverford H. Millson
Haverford B. Fleishhacker
Hobart M. O'Brien
Hofstra F. Catanese
Hofstra A. Muscarella
Hofstra R. Riley
Holy Cross R. DeCicco
Holy Cross A. Quinn
Holy Cross M. Heske
Hopkins M. Chautin
Hopkins R. Matthews
Hopkins W. McCance
Hopkins A. Miller
Ithaca D. Weinshank
Ithaca D. Gal
Lafayette C. Palliser
Lafayette Z. Silvestri
Lafayette J. Howard
Lehigh K. Sheresky
Lehigh M. Larkin
Lehigh B. Smith
Lehigh J. King
Lehigh J. Haley
Lehigh J. McNierney
Lehigh T. Castagna
Lehigh C. Murphy
Lehigh M. Dahlem
Lehigh T. Castagna
Lehigh R. Cornetta
Lehigh Valley A. Kreuter
Lehigh Valley M. Moll
Limestone N. Chandler
Marist R. McNierney
Marist R. Lawler
Middlebury A. Metros
Middlebury B. Toth
Middlebury J. Beeks
MIT J.T. Kucharzyk
Muhlenberg M. Zetlin
Muhlenberg D. Thomas
Muhlenberg J. Thomas
Nazareth C. Rogers
Notre Dame B. Collins
Notre Dame S. Rodgers
Notre Dame P. Walsh
Ohio State R. Page
Ohio State B. Kingston
Penn State J. Sipala
Princeton N. Ashra
Princeton R.Sgalardi
Princeton B. Pickup
Princeton C. Peyser
Providence A. Borovina
Providence R. Bryan
Providence C. Tigh
Quinnipiac K. Kelly
Quinnipiac M. Torpe
Quinnipiac B. Pilnacek
Quinnipiac F. Tufariello
Quinnipiac M. Stottler
Richmond G. Chapman
Richmond R. Coleman
Richmond G. Stern
Roger Williams D. Smith
Rutgers S. Bonanno
Rutgers J. Stotler
Sacred Heart R. Hughes
Sacred Heart A. Lee
Salisbury S. Brala
Salisbury D. Kulka
Scranton E. Scheiderman
Scranton S. Hucke
Sienna C. Roth
Sienna K. Wright
Sienna W. Kelly
St. Mary's M. Tinari
St. Rose J. Zullo
Stanford J.B. Bakst
Stanford B. Seaman
Stevenson M. Salerno
Stony Brook B.Judge
Stony Brook S. Kaufman
Swathmore A. Sabala
Syracuse R. Buhr
Syracuse M. Bartig
Townson C. Paar
Towson M.Sullivan
Towson R. Preus
Towson A. Lamanna
Towson P. Palmeri
Trinity J. Hebert
Trinity R. Cahill
Trinity A. Paul
Trinity G.Smith
Trinity C. Potter
Trinity G. Brennan
Trinity P. Miller
Trinity J. Chicco
Trinity L. Dutton
Tufts A. Cohen
Tufts B. Ruggerrio
Tufts C. Rubin
Tufts C. Schoenhut
Tufts Z. Groen
U. Albany P. Craz
U. Albany D. Dale
U. Maryland A. Walsh
U. Maryland B. Caretsky
U. Maryland N. Ward
U. Mass R. Smith
U. Mass Z. Rodgers
U. Michigan C. Wolter
U. Michigan P. Hegeman
U.Micigan W.Reynolds
U. Pennsylvania J. Connelly
U. Pennsylvania T. Dodge
U. Pennsylvania B. Hughes
U. Pennsylvania T. Hawkins
U.Pennsylvania K.McDonough
U.M.B.C. B. McCullough
U.S.M.M.A. R. Seckler
UNC M. Burns
UNC G. Petracca
UNC B. Conners
UNC N. Tintle
UNC B. Burke
UNC M. Lyles
UNC M. Munnelly
UNC L.Walsh
UNC R.Graham
Union E. Spector
Union A. Pontosky
Ursinus T. Hughes
Ursinus E. Constantine
USNA M. Bitter
USNA A. Heneveld
UVA M. Lovejoy
UVA M. Pomper
UVA D. Thompson
UVA A. Ghittleman
Villanova D. Nolan
Villanova T. Nolan
Villanova T.Brennan
Villanova M. Sciosis
Villanova G. Safran
Villanova P. Webber
Villanova C. Dwyer
W.N.E.C. S. Louro
Washington and Lee J. Wood
Washington and Lee H. Razook
Washington and Lee C. Fraser
Washington and Lee J.Levinson
Wesleyan C. Walsh
Wesleyan M.Chalavoutis
Wesleyan D.Latzman
Wesleyan G.Brennan
Wesleyan E. McLaughlin
Wesleyan E. Albert
Wesleyan M.Borrero
Wesleyan M. Solomon
Wesleyan J.D. Detrich
Wesleyan R. Imperatore
Wesleyan C. Pao
Wesleyan M. Landow
Wesleyan G.Kelly
Wesleyan M. Meade
Wesleyan Z. Radler
Wesleyan G. Pietroforte
Wesleyan J. Jacobs
West Point K. Edwards
West Point K. Woodcheck
West Point S. Finney
Williams J. Medwick
Williams T. Dayton
Williams M. Von Mehren
Yale M. Glicini
Yale H. Kucharzyk
Yale M. Karwoski
Yale M. Quinn
Yale T. Gauge
Yale T. Forst

Julia, Jack and Steve Mattei, checking in at first day at YALE!!!



 2021 Summer & Fall

Please Contact Coach Kevin Donovan with any questions...